We believe in applying good logic to find simple solutions to make things easier.

Our Thoughts

Samyukti approaches technology from a users standpoint. We strive to make the technologies better, if it benefits our customers and society in general.

The name Samyukti is a portmanteau of two Sanskrit words Samyak and Yukti. It translates as Good Logic, and that is our driving philosophy in building products and solving problems.

Our Team

Samyukti aims to remain young and energetic at heart. It is a young company with a lot of energy and innovative spirit among the team.

Together we would like to strike a balance between experience and raw talent, between proven practices and disruptive innovations, and between service to the customers and breakthroughs in technology.

Our Technology

Samyukti remains extremely focussed on the selection of technology. We currently use JavaScript, Ruby and Scala for programming.

We would like to focus on a few technologies, frameworks and tools, and to be known for that. We provide migration and infrastructure support in implementing the solutions using these technologies.