• good logic, better world.

    Good Logic, Better World.
  • touch, connect, move.

    Touch, Connect, Move
  • decode, code.

    Decode, Code

Samyukti is a technology company with a vision to make things simpler and easier, applying "good logic".


Our team has substantial experience in accounting, taxation, retail, merchandising and manufacturing domains. Samyukti can help you define and build a strong Information Technology platform.


We are currently in the process of organizing and building a technology platform and our flagship product on top of it. Do visit us or connect with us in one of the social networking apps to know more.


We provide custom solutions to our enterprise customers, as an implementation and extension to our product and platform, as well as bespoke application development wherever appropriate.


Our infrastructure services help you manage your IT infrastructure either using leading cloud services or on-site through our partners. We also help facilitate cloud computing and hosting services.

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